Hi, my name is Pasha Romanowski and I am the founder and owner of Puppetsmith. The idea for Puppetsmith developed, in part, as an evolutionary “next step” for the Project Puppet patterns. (For more information on Project Puppet, visit the website – www.projectpuppet.com.) The Project Puppet patterns were created with simplicity in mind, as a starting point for the beginner puppet builder. Puppetsmith goes beyond the basics of puppet building to explore different materials, more complex methods, and various techniques in a group setting. If you are ready to take your puppet characters to the next level, to expand your repertoire of materials, to sharpen your existing skill sets and develop new ones, then Puppetsmith is the place for you.

The Philosophy

The philosophy behind Puppetsmith is quite simple and may be summed up in two basic principles.

Principle No.1 - Puppet building is ever-changing.
No one knows everything there is to know about puppet building. Granted some know more than others or are more familiar with specific materials or methods, but not one person or company can truthfully claim to know all there is. Now, add to that the fact that modern-day puppet building can encompass so many disciplines and pull from a wide variety of industries and technologies. The availability of certain materials may change. Technology moves forward. Processes, both creative and industrial, are invented or refined. As a result, puppet building could very well be one of the most ever-changing art forms known today.

Principle No.2 - Group learning has advantages.
Group learning has tremendous benefits. Experimenting and learning as a group inherently promotes diversity. Individuals’ sharing different approaches to the same puppet building problem means that the group, as well as each person in the group, gets a broader view of possible solutions. A group setting also provides a safe place to give and receive constructive feedback, to learn from others’ mistakes and successes, and perhaps to collaborate with others who are as wild about puppet building as you are.

The Purpose

The purpose of Puppetsmith is to provide a safe place where puppet builders can pool their collective knowledge - to learn, to share, to collaborate, to advise, to experiment, to critique, and to grow in their craft. The ongoing projects and tutorials will address more advanced building methods and techniques and showcase the work and unique processes of various puppet builders. It is my hope that the Puppetsmith website will become an instrumental tool in the advancement of both the individual and group talents present in today’s global puppet building community.

Your Fellow "Puppetsmith",
Pasha Romanowski