The Terry Angus Dog Puppet Pattern

The Terry Angus Dog Puppet Pattern is back! Follow along as Philip Hatter of Thistledown Puppets shares step-by-step instructions for building your own dog puppet character from a pattern designed and created by professional puppet builder and performer, Terry Angus!
The Terry Angus Dog Pattern

What's Included?

  • A full-sized printed pattern (created by Terry Angus himself) that will be physically mailed to your address.
  • Instructions delivered through special access to the Puppetsmith website. The instructions are provided by professional puppet builder Philip Hatter and include photos that detail the building process step by step.
  • Access to a private topic on the forum where you can chat, ask questions, share your personal building tips, and otherwise interact with folks who also own “The Terry Angus Dog Puppet Pattern”. Terry and Philip will be there too!

Example Gallery

A Note from Terry

Hello one and all,

Who'd have thought that I would one day be putting one of my patterns up on line for all to use and enjoy. Keep in mind that if you're creating your own dog that you don't have to make it look 100% like mine. Add different markings, ears, eyes, nose or something that says, "This is my Dog Puppet." I can't wait to see what you guys come up with and the main thing is to enjoy the ride. Remember too that in this world of puppet building trial and error is how we learn how to create these guys.

Take care to you all,
Terry Angus

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This pattern is no longer available for purchase on Puppetsmith. Please visit Terry's site - - for information on obtaining a copy of The Terry Angus Dog Puppet Pattern.


Full Product Details

The Full-Sized Printed Pattern Sheet
The included full-size pattern was designed and created by none other than Terry Angus. The pattern sheet measures 24 inches wide by 82 inches long and includes all the pattern pieces necessary for the full-body (yes, legs and feet included) foam understructure and fabric coverings for this particular dog shape. You will receive a printed copy of the pattern in it’s original format, hand-drawn by Terry.

Online Instructions
Professional puppet builder Philip Hatter – – provides online instruction for assembling the pattern. Philip takes you through the process step by step, adding his own personal touch to Terry’s pattern. Detailed photos of the build are included.

Community and Support
Included with your purchase is access to a special forum thread for owners of “The Terry Angus Dog Puppet Pattern”. You’ll be able to login and discuss the building process with others who are using the same pattern. Ask questions, share tips, and post pictures of your own dog puppet character.

angus_storyAbout the Creator - Terry Angus
If you’re a Fraggle Rock fan, then you are already familiar with some of Terry’s work. He performed such characters as Storyteller Fraggle, Brio the Minstrel, and background character, Morris Fraggle. He also performed in a host of other Muppet specials and movies, including one of our favorites, Follow That Bird. After leaving the Henson Company, he went on to help create the CBC series Blizzard Island, and has work on many other projects over the years, including being involved in the design and production of Master Replica’s “Muppet Photo Puppets”.

You can find out more about Terry by visiting his website – You also may be interested in reading Reflections in Fleece: An Interview with Puppeteer Terry Angus on Muppet Central. More recently, Terry was interviewed by Steve Swanson of the MuppetCast – check out shows #73 and #74.

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This pattern is no longer available for purchase on Puppetsmith. Please visit Terry's site - - for information on obtaining a copy of The Terry Angus Dog Puppet Pattern.